10 Hair and Skin Uses of Honey (Oyin) You Should Know

Here, we discuss the top 10 hair and skin uses of honey.

Raw honey contains disease-fighting and disease-preventing flavonoids. Raw honey is loaded with a lot of healing compounds, antioxidants, enzymes, and many nutrition

Raw honey is semisolid and can be combined with a whole lot of other health-benefiting ingredients to produce some really helpful solutions to wide skin and hair challenges. Honey is a humectant (it can draw moisture to your skin, making it more supple).

Skin Uses of Honey (Oyin)

  • Honey can be used as a moisturizing mask to increase the moisture of the face, fading off fine lines and wrinkles
  • Honey can serve as a cleanser, keeping pores and the skin clean and clear
  • Honey mixed with salicylic acid and baking soda can remove dead skin
  • Honey is a strong anti-inflammatory that can help in tissue regeneration, and healing, while fading off scars
  • Honey is a strong antifungal and antibacterial that can reduce the inflammation caused by the p.acnes and also fight and kill the acne-causing bacteria
  • Honey can protect the skin from various environmental damage and repair the skin
  • Honey, when mixed with apple cider vinegar (acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can balance the skin’s pH and promote healthy growth) and coconut oil, can moisturize the skin
  • Honey, mixed with aloe vera gel, can soothe sunburn

Hair Uses of Honey (Oyin)

  • Honey can serve as a hair conditioner, giving your hair the desired shine
  • Honey can strengthen the hair follicle and moisturize the hair, promoting healthy growth

Side Effects of Honey (Oyin)

  • Honey can cause a tingling and burning feeling on some people’s skin
  • Honey may cause chest pain