8 Skin Uses of Orange Peel Powder You Should Know

At the end of this short read, you’ll see the top 8 uses of orange peel powder.

Orange peel is so rich in citric acid and vitamin C that is handy for a whole lot of skin and hair care.

Since it is in powder form, it can be used to make a paste, but cannot dissolve in water or any other liquid.

Uses of Orange Peel Powder

  • Orange peel can help you shed some weight because of its high fiber content
  • Orange peel can be added to your bath oil to stimulate your skin
  • Orange peel can remove your blackhead and dark circles
  • Orange peel can remove dead cells
  • Orange peel can fight acne to an extent
  • Orange peel is a great mosquito repellant
  • Some researchers concluded that orange peel can cure asthma
  • Chewing the peel of your orange, instead of gum, can cure bad breath

Side Effects of Orange Peel Powder

  • It contains citric acid. Exposing the body parts that have received the orange peel to the sun can be damaging
  • It might irritate some people

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