14 Hair and Skin Uses of Vitamin E Oil You Should Know

Vitamin E Oil has a lot of benefits for the hair and skin. It can be used for cosmetics formulation from the drugs or the oil. Vitamin E oil can combine with virtually any other oil. Vitamin E Oil is a potent antioxidant that is capable of trapping the oxygen free radicals.

Uses of Vitamin E Oil

  • Vitamin E can serve as an integral ingredient in your moisturizer.
  • Vitamin E can help to treat your sunburn
  • Vitamin E can reverse premature skin aging
  • Vitamin E with a carrier oil like coconut oil can lighten your dark spot
  • Adding few drops of vitamin E to your cotton wool can be used as facial cleanser
  • Stretch mark can be kept at bay using vitamin E
  • Vitamin E can be effective for cracked or dry nails and cuticles. Just massage the oil on your nail
  • Combining vitamin E and a carrier oil can stimulate your hair growth
  • Vitamin E can give your hair the “shine” it deserves
  • Vitamin E can prevent premature graying of your hair
  • Vitamin E oil can repair split ends
  • Vitamin E can lighten scars
  • Skin cancer can be prevented using vitamin E
  • Vitamin E can be used for treating injuries and minor burns

Side Effects of Vitamin E Oil

  • Too much of vitamin E in the bloodstream can cause low sex drive
  • Vitamin E may cause skin dryness in some people