6 Hair and Skin Uses of White Sugar And Brown Sugar

Both brown and white sugar has a lot of beauty benefits. The sweet granulated brown and white sugar can come pretty useful for your hair and skin beauty treatment.

Brown and white sugar are water soluble, mixing with a whole lot of other cosmetic ingredients. But, more often than not, the granulated form (that coarse form) is what is useful for our skin and hair routine).

Uses of White Sugar and Brown Sugar

  • Brown sugar and white sugar can give you a soft, pink lips
  • Brown and white sugar, when mixed with coconut oil, honey, and turmeric, can form a perfect facial scrub
  • Combining brown sugar or white sugar with milk can be used as a face mask
  • Brown and white sugar can leave your hand and skin feeling soft and fresh
  • Brown and white sugar contains glycolic acid that is very useful in removing the top dead, dull skin
  • Brown and white sugar can be used as scalp scrub to stimulate hair growth

Side Effects of Brown Sugar and White Sugar

Brown and white sugar have a coarse texture, which may be painful to the skin when too much pressure is applied while scrubbing. So care must be taken when using the brown and white scrub on your skin…especially on a delicate skin.

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