12 Hair and Skin Uses of Witch Hazel You Should Know

Witch hazel (winter-bloom) is a flowering shrub with a lot of rejuvenating properties. It has a lot of healing and medicinal properties.

The bark, leaves, and shrubs are used to derive the active ingredients – polyphenols (anti-aging compound) and tannins (used to remove the skin’s excess oil) –  that are then combined with alcohol or water to produce a witch hazel water or witch hazel extract.

Witch hazel extract can combine with almost all the cosmetics ingredients, and they form a great astringent (skin toner).

Uses of Witch Hazel

  • Witch hazel can reduce your puffy eye look
  • It can fight acne. The tannins ingredient in witch hazel can combat your skin’s production of excess oil
  • Witch hazel can moisturize dry skin by sealing the skin moisture
  • Witch hazel can relieve discomfort from sunburn
  • Witch hazel can fight eczema. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Witch hazel can help you fight signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Witch hazel can soothe and prevent razor burn
  • Witch hazel can refresh and tone your face
  • Witch hazel can get rid of clogged pores
  • Witch hazel oil can help you fight dandruff
  • Witch hazel extract can add volume to your hair and reduce hair fall
  • Witch hazel can fight your baby’s diaper rash

Side Effect of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel extract can be irritating. So before you apply it on your body, you need to do a “patch test.”